Research is One of the Main Pillars of Our Business

Lockwood employs their experience, analytic technology and a committee-based decision-making process.

Looking Behind the Numbers to Find Value

Lockwood works with the BNY Mellon Manager Research Group1 to conduct initial due diligence and ongoing monitoring of each manager.* We evaluate the managers on multiple factors to help ensure they are aligned with our offerings and the goals of financial professionals and their investors.

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factors equals insight
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  • Organization: What is the ownership structure? Is it set up for long-term success?
  • Personnel: What’s the experience level of the investment team? How long have they been working together?
  • Investment Philosophy: Can they articulate what it is they are trying to achieve?
  • Investment Process: Does it appear repeatable and sustainable? Do they have necessary resources and practices in place?
  • Implementation: Can they execute on their process? Are proper diversification and risk-mitigation practices followed?
  • Performance: Does it align with their philosophy? How do they fare in various market cycles? Do they have the potential to provide strong risk-adjusted returns relative to like-minded peers?

1 Lockwood receives certain research services from the BNY Mellon Manager Research Group in manager research, due diligence and ongoing monitoring.

* This service relates to the managers and investment vehicles under Lockwood's research coverage process.

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