Viewing the Investment World
From Multiple Angles

The Lockwood Investment Committee uses multiple inputs as we execute upon our fiduciary responsibilities.

A Disciplined Approach to Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction

Using a disciplined, defined and repeatable process, the Lockwood Investment Committee evaluates multiple strategy inputs as they relate to economic outlook, capital markets expectations, asset allocation and portfolio construction. As members of the committee, the Investment Team provides research and analysis. With a focus on the long term, the team considers numerous data points and views when making asset allocation or investment research decisions.

Strategy inputs
Lockwood Inverstment Team
Investment Team
BNY Mellon Manager Research Group
BNY Mellon Manager
Research Group1
BNY Mellon Capital Markets Assumption Team
BNY Mellon
Capital Markets
Assumption Team
investment committee
Risk, Return and
Asset Allocation
Manager Selection
Due Diligence
Manager Selection
and Pairings
Trading and
Risk Management
Final Portfolio

1 Lockwood receives certain research services from the BNY Mellon Manager Research Group in manager research, due diligence and ongoing monitoring.

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