The Potential to Broaden Your Reach

Lockwood can help investment managers open the door to new channels.


Connect to investors through Lockwood’s platforms 

Investment managers that participate in Lockwood programs have the potential to access hundreds of firms and thousands of financial professionals. In addition, they can benefit from collaborating with an innovative investment provider.

Investment managers can engage with Lockwood in several ways1:

  • As a third-party model provider joining Lockwood’s diverse menu of mutual fund and/or exchange traded-fund (ETF) models to assist in managing an investor’s portfolio, or unified managed account (UMA) offering
  • As a research-covered investment manager2 in our separately manged account program
  • Through our open architecture program offering maximum flexibility to financial professionals

Benefit from our technology, training, and promotional opportunities.

When you team with Lockwood, you get access to full-featured tools such as a dedicated asset manager workstation and manager portal. We’ll offer personalized training for account processing procedures and ongoing support for day-to-day account servicing. Also for select Investment managers, Lockwood has several opportunities throughout the year for sponsorship and co-branded marketing initiatives.

Investment managers are added in two ways:

Selected by Lockwood Advisors (Discretionary):

  • Lockwood proprietary products
  • Research Covered SMA
  • Model Strategists Managed360®

Requested by Clients (Non-Discretionary Open Architecture):

  • Lockwood Sponsored Program
  • Managed360 Program

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1 Investment managers can participate as a model provider or SMA manager within Lockwood's offerings. Lockwood determines the model providers and SMA strategies available within its programs and offerings.

2 Lockwood's research-coverage offering is a focused sub-set of the SMA strategies available within the open architecture program. Lockwood determines which strategies are included within its research-covered offering.

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